General tourists are not required to apply for a Thai Visa. Since December 2020, visitors from countries under the Visa Exemption List are not required to obtain a Thai visa in order to travel to Thailand for tourism purposes. The Thai Immigration Bureau will allow the foreigner to stay in Thailand for 45 days. Tourists will have the option to apply for visa extensions at any local immigration office in Thailand. The visa extension due to COVID is valid for 60 days.

If you wish to If you wish to stay longer in the country, please know that the normal 60-day Tourist Visa, 90-day Special tourist visa, Thai Elite Visa, and other non-immigrant visas are also available at the Thai Embassy or Consulate around the world. Holders of these visas are still required to apply for the Certificate of Entry.

List of countries under the Visa Exemption here: 

Please check whether your country of residence is under the list of countries under the Visa Exemption, otherwise you are required to apply for a visa from Thai embassy nearby. 

Official website with list of Thai embassies: 

Selected Thai embassies below: 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: 


Moscow, Russia: 

St. Petersburg, Russia: 

Vladivostok, Russia: 

Bern, Switzerland: 

London, United Kingdom: