Guide for Thailand Pass Application

Everyone planning to come to Thailand needs to have a valid Thailand Pass to enter the country. It is mandatory during the COVID pandemic.

Thailand Pass is a web-based system designed to support Thailand’s “Ease of Travel” system and make the documentation process of the travelers entering Thailand simpler and more efficient.

Step 1: Visit the official Thailand Pass website

You may go to the official website: 

Once there, you may choose the option of Non-Thai Nationals or Thai Nationals.

After that you will be directed to a page where you can choose the entry program:
No Quarantine program for fully vaccinated travelers entering any international airport in Thailand or unvaccinated who have RT PCR test results. Unvaccinated children below 18 years old must be added to their parent’s application.
Alternative Quarantine program for partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers who will undergo mandatory quarantine

Step 2: Details of your Arrival

In this part, you will provide the purpose of travel to Thailand whether for tourism or if you are a returning resident.

You will also provide your country of departure, airport of arrival, flight number, date of arrival, and proposed exit date from Thailand.

Step 3. Provide your Personal Information

In this part, you will provide your full name as stated in your passport or travel document, nationality, passport number, date of birth, and email address. Please make sure that you check the correct spelling of your personal information before you proceed to the next step. It is also recommended to use a GMAIL email account when applying for Thailand Pass.

Step 4. Upload Proof of Vaccination or RT PCR Test

In this part, you will provide your vaccination information. You will provide the name or brand of your vaccination and also the date of vaccination. You will be able to upload a JPG or PNG file of your proof of vaccination. 

For faster processing of your Thailand Pass, it is recommended to also upload the QR code of your vaccination document if it is available. 

Note: If you are applying under the No Quarantine Program and you are not fully vaccinated, you may upload a copy of your RT PCR test result in lieu of a vaccination certificate issued within 72 hours before departure.

Step 5: Provide Your Hotel Details or Address in Thailand

In this part, you will be required to provide the details of your address in Thailand or your hotel reservation. 

In this part, you will also provide your address in the country of departure, your contact number, your emergency contact person, and his or her contact number.

Step 6: Submit your COVID 19 Insurance

In this part, you will provide the COVID 19 Insurance. You must provide the policy number, and start date of the insurance policy and upload the one page document of your certificate of insurance.

Step 7: Review the Summary of your Thailand Pass Application

This is the last part of the application process. You will have a summary of your application. Please check all information that you have provided and if everything is correct, you may submit the application.

You will then receive your 6-digit access code which will appear on your screen and it will also be sent to your registered email.

How to Check the Thailand Pass Status

To check the status of your Thailand Pass application, you may go to:

If Thailand Pass status states ‘Reviewing’, it means you need to wait a day or two for a result.

If Thailand Pass status states ‘Approved’, you can download the file or save it on your mobile phone.